Warehousing Management and Materials Handling

Warehousing is a critical logistics function that manages the storage and handling of materials, work-in-process, and finished goods within supply chains. The warehousing function provides economic benefits, such as transaction efficiency and the consolidation and breaking bulk of inventories. It also plays a critical role in meeting customer requirements for the timely delivery of goods and services. This is accomplished through value-added services and fulfillment processes, while at the same time efficiently managing inventory costs.

Program Content

  • Warehouse management
  • Types of warehouses
  • Warehouse responsibilities and Jobs related
  • Warehouse work procedures
  • Receiving Inspection processes
  • Receiving and Issuing the parts
  • Forms are used in transferring the material between warehouses
  • Warehouse capacity planning and organizing
  • Flow of Materials Analysis
  • Ways to establish space requirements
  • Short-range and longer-range space projections
  • Balancing space required to space available
  • Material handling techniques and methods
  • Case Study in Warehouse Layout and Materials Handling

At program Completion; Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the basic concepts of warehousing management and its essential role in demand fulfillment
  • Identify the key elements and processes in managing warehousing operations and how they interact
  • Understand principles and strategies for planning and managing warehouse operations
  • Identify strategies for designing materials handling operations within a warehousing facility to reduce wastes
  • Explain the critical role of technology in managing warehouse operations and product flows
  • Assess the performance of warehousing operations using standard metrics and frameworks
  • Managers, Executives and Professionals who are involved in supply chain management.
  • Professionals seeking in- depth knowledge and understanding of the Warehousing Management and Materials Handling
  • Program Language: English / Arabic
  • Program Duration: 12 hours
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