Supply Chain for Non Supply Chainers

Supply Chain Management is the modern trend of any business  that creating added value, to synchronize supply with demand and measuring performance globally Supply Chain for Non Supply

A lot of people are looking forward to shift their career to the supply chain and fresh graduates also want that because of the significant impact on the efficiency, effectiveness or profitability of their organizations. You should consider learning more about supply chain management and its value for companies operating in today competitive marketplace.

  • At Supply Chain for Non Supply program completion, participants will be able to:
    • Understand the supply chain definition.
    • List the factors affects the supply chain improvement process
    • Start new career in supply chain
    • Know the roles of all supply chain functions in many industries

1-Simulation supply chain game

  1. Supply chain concepts
  2. Practical awareness of many definitions in supply chain through practical game

Supply Chain for Non Supply

2-Supply Chain Business Gate

  1. Supply Chain Management Definition
  2. Importance of supply chain in the business
  3. Different function of supply chain
  4. Integrated supply chain

3-Fundamentals of Planning

  1. Importance of Planning.
  2. Ways of planning
  3. Level of planning

4-Basics of purchasing

  1. Definition of Procurement & purchasing
  2. Supplier Classification & Qualification
  3. Negotiation skills

5-Warehousing and Inventory

  1. Relations between warehouse and inventory
  2. Warehouse types and ways of control
  3. Material handling techniques.
  4. Importance of inventory optimization

6-Logistics management

  1. The definition of logistics, transportation & distribution
  2. International commercial terms (INCO terms)
  3. Modes of transportation
  • Who want to start his/her new career in supply chain

Supply Chain for Non Supply Program 

  • Program Language: English / Arabic
  • Program Duration: 24 hours
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