Simulation Game Of Supply chain

Supply Cain Simulation is hands-on interactive workshop based on a board game. Each one of participants takes a different position in supply chain as Retailer, wholesaler, distributor and factory. Team members place orders to their upstream neighbors in response to demand from their downstream neighbors.
The objective of the game is to fulfill the customers’ demand and minimize the inventory cost in addition to enhance the in-between communication of supply chain functions.

• Participants Grouping

• Supply chain foundation
– Supply chain concepts and definitions
– Sequence of supply chain functions

• Supply chain planning
– Demand forecasting techniques
– Demand planning processes

• Procurement management
– Criteria of Supplier selection
– Order fulfillment processes
– Lead time management
– Negotiation processes

• Inventory management
– Management of Carrying and ordering cost
– Impact of inventory and backlog.
– Carrying – Ordering tradeoff

• Logistics and Distribution channels
– Distribution centers location selection
– Cost of Distribution channels
– Transportation mode selection
– Cost of transportation.
– Distribution center – Transportation Trade-off

• Identification of the main causes of the bullwhip effect
• Analysis of teams results
• Debriefing and lessons learning

• Understanding how end-to-end supply chains operates
• Expand overall Supply Chain knowledge
• Increase awareness on why cross functions are important within supply chain
• Develop the case for Customer & Supplier collaboration
• Improve culture and have some fun as a teambuilding exercise

Anyone who wants to work in the supply chain field and understand the Basics Of Supply chain Management

  • Program Language: English/ Arabic.
  • Program Duration: 24 hours.
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