SAP Supply Chain Management is one of the key modules in SAP ERP that helps the organization to manage their supply chain process in a dynamic environment.

The program is designed to help demonstrate the concepts and processes of supply chain planning in SAP.

This program outline a learning tool for you in order to have the confidence in completing your business processes and tasks.

  • The difference between System and automated system.
  • The enterprise resource planning (ERP).
  • Importance of using SAP.
  • Organization structure and master data on SAP
  • SAP inventory management,
  • SAP material master
  • SAP production planning.
  • SAP Planning strategies.
  • SAP – MRP (Material requirement planning)
  • SAP -BOM (Bill of material) structure& usage
  • Using MRP on SAP ERP.
  • The integration between materials management and sales order management.
  • The configuration and update of master planning.

After the completion of Supply Chain Business Process Program, participant will be able to:

– Understand the organization levels used in material planning.

– List and understand the master data used by material planning.

– Identify the key elements of inventory, production and material planning steps on SAP.

– Learn to understand and configure Bill of Material structure.

– Learn to understand, to configure and to apply the concepts of demand management.

Supply Chain Business Process is intended for the following audiences:

  • Professionals who wants to gain the fundamental understanding of the core business process within SAP ERP application.
  • Professionals whom working in material management and demand planning within the supply chain functions.
  • Require to know SAP navigation.
  • Program Language: English.
  • Program Duration: 24 hours.
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