Production Management

This program introduces the right way you should possess both technical and behavioral skills to manage the raw material, Semi-finished and Finished products, calculating the cost of production.

Program Content

  • Introduction to Supply Chain
  • Production organization and Engineering role
  • Planning the production, Capacity and Time
  • Identify the key elements of planning and control needed to manage production
  • Effect of capacity on production and ways of production improvement.
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance concepts
  • Total Quality Management and productivity in Production
  • How to set production processes
  • Problem solving and Quality improvement processes in production

At program Completion; Participants will be able to:

  • Enhance professional portfolio of technical skills by mastering the major concepts, terms, definitions, tools and techniques to for production plan.
  • Describe the concepts of production and service operations and its essential role in meeting customer expectations
  • Identify strategies for establishing efficient, effective, and sustainable production planning and management to reduce time and cost
  • Explain the critical role of technology in managing production and related operations for a better flow of material
  • Develop a business perspective of production management and control
  • Managers, Executives and Professionals who are involved in supply chain management.
  • Professionals seeking in- depth knowledge and understanding of the Production Management.
  • Program Language: English / Arabic
  • Program Duration: 12 hours
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