Certificate of Professional Procurement

The company can spend more than two thirds of its revenue on buying goods and services,which represents around 62% of whole company expenses. So the reduction of purchasing costs,will effect on the profit significantly.  Whether the procurement processes doing from a local suppliers or running global supply chains, buying essential services and resources at the right price, particularly in today’s challenging economy, can make or break a business. This program helps you to save much of the money spent when purchasing goods and services from outside.

  • Procurement Foundations:
    1. Relation between supply chain & procurement management.
    2. Strategic Sourcing, Procurement & purchasing.
  • The financial impact of procurement:
    1. Impact Of procurement in financial statements
    2. How to set a procurement budget
    3. Calculation of total cost of ownership
    4. Estimated of item cost & supplier’s price
    5. Case study
  • Procurement processes
    1. Design a complete procurement process
    2. Ways of receiving of procurement requisition.
    3. Developing an effective specifications.
    4. Sourcing types and models.
    5. Strategic sourcing, SRM & tactical buying
    6. The main pre-qualifications of suppliers
    7. Certified Supplier and supplier quality assurance processes
    8. Ways of supplier selection
    9. Supplier’s negotiation techniques.
    10. Contract types and different purchase order forums.
    11. Payment Terms and documentation
    12. Case study
  • Procurement’s Performance measurements
    1. Suppliers evaluation processes and Performance Metrics.
    2. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) For Procurement staff.
    3. Tools could be apply through procurement processes.
    4. Case study.

At program completion participants will be able to

  • Understand what is the procurement
  • Decide what to buy, when and from what sources
  • Explore potential suppliers and develop relationships to get the best offers
  • Evaluate the selection of suppliers to better negotiate the contract
  • Understand the supply management concept and processes
  • Executives and Professionals who are involved in supply management.
  • Professionals seeking in- depth knowledge and understanding of the Procurement.
  • Program Language: English / Arabic
  • Program Duration: 40 hours
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