Sales Process And Techniques

The selling process and techniques are dynamic interactions between a professional salesperson and a client. The sales person’s main objectives are to understand the client, identify his/her needs and how to fulfill these needs. Being a successful sales person does not happen haphazardly; it takes professional skills to be able to handle any situation.

At the completion of this program; participants will be able to:

  • Identify and understand the different styles of customers and successfully deal with each style.
  • Behave professionally and Establish Credibility with customers.
  • Effectively implement the Selling Process.
  • Efficiently probe your customer’s needs, handle their objections and close the deal with them.
  • Reach win/win situations with customers during negotiations.
  • Create and deliver effective sales presentation to influence the customers’ perceptions.
  • Overcome the most difficult & common objections.
  • learn advanced techniques to close the deal.
  • Understand and learn when and how to start the Up-selling process.
  • Understand and learn when and how to start the Cross-selling process.
  • Part 1: Discover and cope with your customer’s style:
  • Bases for classifying People
  • Social Styles Matrix
  • Characteristics of each style
  • How to deal with each style
  • Discover your own Style (self-assessment)
  • Adjusting Social Styles to fit your customers
  • Reactions under Stress
  • part 2: The 6 steps selling process:
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Approaching the customer.
  • Probing customer needs (the Spin Model).
  • Product Presentation.
  • Handling Customer Objections.
  • Closing the Deal.

              Sales Techniques:

                         Up -Selling:   

                          When to start Up-Selling?

Your mindset and attitude during the Up -Selling Process

                            Up-Selling steps and techniques


                         When to start Cross-Selling?

                         Your mindset and attitude during the Cross-Selling Process

                         Cross-Selling steps and techniques

“Role play1”

Modern Negotiation Tactics

“Role play 2”

The RED / Blue Negotiation Game


  • part 4: Presentation skills:


  • Dress for success: looking your best:

            Proper Presentation

            The different Dress Codes

  • Business etiquette tips for executives:


          Communication etiquette: saying and doing the “right” things

          Etiquette on the move

          Rules for office etiquette

          Case Study

  • Presentation preparation
  • Presentation delivery skills with visuals
  • Presentation physical skills
  • Questions and answers techniques
  • Who want to gain selling skills with professional process
  • It is also suitable for those developing into senior organizational roles and senior managers who take responsibility for the sales force in an organization; for example, business development directors or operations directors
  • Program Language: English/ Arabic
  • Program Duration: 24 hours
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