Sales Process And Techniques

The selling process and techniques are a dynamic interaction between a professional salesperson and a client. The salesperson’s main objectives are to learn about the clients’ needs and determine how to help the client fulfill those needs, Being a successful sales person never happens accidentally, you must have a process and skill set that can be used and adapted in any situation.

At program completion, participants will be able to:

  • Implement a sale process.
  • Understand customer Decision-Making Practices.
  • Behaving Professionally and Establishing Credibility with customer
  • Identify and successfully deal with customers
  • Identify the steps of process
  • Create an Effective sales presentation to influence the customers Perceptions.
  • Organize sales activities and better time management
  • Sales Objectives and Strategy
  • Difference between personal selling and advertising
  • Methods for identifying customers need and wants (SPIN method)
  • The six steps of sales process
  • Key account/national account managers
  • Senior sales or people who are concerned with strategic responsibility.
  • It is also suitable for those developing into senior organizational roles and senior managers who take responsibility for the sales force in an organization; for example, business development directors or operations directors
  • Program Duration: 16 hours
  • Program Language: English/Arabic
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