This program discusses the relationship between marketing and sales. It reviews current thinking on sales-marketing cross-functional relationships, and discusses a range of controllable and uncontrollable factors that may influence this relation in addition to focusing on studying the behavior of the consumer and consumers take specific decisions, behave in certain ways, what motivates them, capture their attention, and retain their loyalty in order not to shift to other brands.

    • Defining Marketing
      • The marketing concept
      • The marketing mix
      • Marketing vs. selling
    • Market Segmentation
    • Marketing Management
      • Strategic pricing policies
      • Product life cycle
      • Strategies for developing sales
      • Product and market portfolios
      • Finding market gaps
      • Showing competitive advantages to increase sales
      • Compensation and benefit
    • Marketing interacts with selling
      • Public and press relations
      • The role of the sales force
      • Sales promotion offers
      • Merchandising
      • Direct marketing
    • Consumer Behavior
      • Model of Buyer Behavior
      • Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior
      • Types of Buying Decision Behavior
      • The Buyer Decision Process

After the completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key aspects of Marketing
  • Realize how marketing interacts with the sales effort to build business
  • Understand the key elements that contribute to an effective sales& marketing plan
  • Know the concepts, principles, tools and applications of modern consumer behavior.
  • Understand, evaluate and analyze the consumer behavior tools & models and its role in building marketing strategies with a focus on issues like selection, switching, satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Develop their skills in investigating and affecting the consumer behavior through readings, applications, discussions and case analysis
  • Sales Management
  • Key account/national account managers
  • Senior sales or people who are concerned with strategic responsibility.
  • It is also suitable for those developing into senior organizational roles and senior managers who take responsibility for the sales force in an organization; for example, business development directors or operations directors
  • Program Language: English/ Arabic
  • Program Duration: 20 hours

Marketing Relation Sales

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