Social Media Secrets Social Media Course

Social media course has become one of the dominant forms of communication in the digital space, drastically altering the traditional relationship between a consumer and a business. Modern professionals need to know how to leverage these important marketing channels to grow their business and protect its reputation. This course provides a solid foundation for those intending to build and protect their brand in the world of social media so register today to start learning

In this program, participants will learn how to make successful social media campaigns through practicing this practically and discussing various case studies related to this industry Social Media Course

1. Getting to Know Social Media Course

What is Social Media? What are the fundamentals? How does this all impact your business? You will learn exactly why your business should be using Social Media Marketing as a tool to reach more customers. We introduce social content and the benefits of using it to reach more followers. We will look at the basics of identifying your audience and targeting them correctly so you can leverage that knowledge into building a community of followers online that can be turned into buying customers.

2. Knowing Your Audience

Social Media is all about having a conversation online. Social Media Marketing is all about turning that conversation into drawing potential customers towards your business. If you don’t know who you’re talking to though, how can you know what they want to talk about? In this lesson, we look at identifying your potential audience, how to talk to them correctly and how to convert your broader audience into leads, and your leads into buyers.

3. The Platforms – Social Content Social Media Course

we look at immersing ourselves in the world of Social Media, taking advantage of tools like hashtags and trends to keep up to date with everything around us. We talk about the fast-paced nature of the platforms, using these to our advantage, and look at some tools to keep our content relevant and engaging. Through creating great content, we ensure that we are only engaging with the strongest leads in a meaningful way, which we can then turn into our most loyal buyers.

4. User Generated Content – YouTube, Instagram & Beyond…

In a world where video and pictures make the strongest Social Media content, how do we utilise these mediums to engage our leads correctly? In a massively competitive landscape, where quality and value are the difference between a conversion and a share, we look at the most popular platforms that utilise these mediums and how we can leverage them to create content that converts views to leads, and leads to buyers.

5. Facebook Advertising

Do you want to understand how to get and keep the right customers? In this lesson, we are going to show you how to target your audience for lead generation. You will learn how to create content and get that content in front of the right audience to drive conversions. Most importantly, we will show you how to track your successes.

6. The Sales Funnel – Turning Your Leads into Buyers

Once you have established a strong social media presence, identified your audience and created a constant reliable lead flow, what then? Do you know the expected numbers in terms of conversion or drop off? Do you know the value of repeat business? Understanding the Sales Funnel of our customer journey is essential. We want to turn leads into buyers, but also to maximize the efficiency of those efforts and have our buyers come back again as loyal repeat customers.

7. Data Driven Marketing & Sales

we discuss the importance of analyzing our data to understand the impact of our Social Media efforts. We introduce many processes and tools which will help guide our decision making so we can alter our campaigns for maximum impact. Remember, data drives decisions for professional marketers and allows you to take control of your own destiny in the social space and how to get the absolute maximum return on investment possible while optimizing your efficiency.

After the completion of Social Media Course, participants will be able to:

– Build Social Media Strategy
– Social Media Listening
– Social Media Monitoring
– Social Media Management
– Social Media Crisis Management
– Social Media Campaign ( FB – Instagram – LinkedIn – Twitter)

  • Digital marketers
  • Marketing managers
  • SEO Managers
  • SEM Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Social Media Account Managers
  • Social Media Specialist
  • PR manager
  • Web-Developers
  • Media Player
  • Creative Manager
  • Program Language: English / Arabic
  • Program Duration: 28 hours
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