Professional Marketing Diploma

Marketing Diploma reflects the role of individuals who possess a sound theoretical knowledge & practical experience base in Marketing management & demonstrate a range of managerial skills to device & execute marketing activities, ensure that marketing functions are effectively conducted in an organization or business area.

Module 1: Marketing Research

Defining marketing research?
What is the purpose of marketing research?
Marketing Research process.
Different types of research
Marketing research services
Syndicated Services
Standardized Services
Customized Services
Two types of data
Data collection methods
Qualitative versus Quantitative
The 8 hallmark of scientific research
What are the barriers and obstacles in conducting scientific research?

Module 2: Marketing Strategy and Planning

What is Marketing Planning
External Analysis / Situational Analysis
Internal Analysis
Objective Setting
Marketing Strategies
STP (Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning)
Marketing Mix
Implementation of marketing Plan
Control of marketing plan

Module 3: Consumer Behavior

What is the importance of studying consumer behavior?
Defining consumer behavior.
The nature of consumer behavior
What is perception?
The nature of perception
Product Placement
Perceptual Filters
Marketing to the five senses.
Defining attitude
Functional theory f attitude
ABC model of attitudes
How do we form attitude?
The consistency principle
Self perception theory
Social judgment theory
How to change attitude?
Defining Culture.
The components of culture
Hofstede’s cultural model
Culture & Time
Cultural mistakes.
Reviewing Maslow’ hierarchy of needs
Types of needs
Manifest & Latent motives
Classifying consumer motivations:
Conscious vs. Unconscious
High vs. Low Urgency
Positive vs. Negative Polarity
Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic
Rational vs. Emotional
Motivation conflicts
Self- Concept
Defining self- concept
Dimensions of self- concept
Private self versus social self
You are what you consume.
Self/Product congruence
The extended self
Peer pressure & body image
How they know about us?
Decision making:
Decision making process
How we decide.
Rational versus emotional decisions.
Can we change our decisions?

Module 4: Introduction Digital Marketing

Understanding the definitions of digital marketing and its impact on business
Building customer relationships online and permission marketing

Planning, Strategy and Testing:
Best practice approaches to online campaign planning
How to determine the optimum mix of digital marketing tools
Integration and multi-channel marketing

Social Media Marketing:
The rise of social
Key players: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Google
Successes and pitfalls of social media

Email Marketing:
Why permission is everything؟
Testing email for continuous improvement
E-newsletters and other email formats

Search Engine Marketing: SEO and PPC defined
Why is search engine marketing so crucial to online success?
Key strategies and tactics to maximize search engine effectiveness
Integrating SEO and PPC for optimum results

Optimizing your digital marketing: web analytic, tracking and measurement
Key metrics for measuring online advertising effectiveness
Tracking and measuring email, banners, PPC and viral campaign responses

At Marketing Diploma completion, participants will be able to:

  • Implement, review and control the marketing plan
  • Make Market segmentation and brand positioning.
  • Define marketing and the marketing planning process.
  • Understand what is the marketing mix?
  • Measure the market opportunities through research and forecasting
  • Develop practical skills they can use to establish sampling plans, design questionnaires, and analyze research studies for optimum results
  • Develop their skills in investigating and affecting the consumer behavior through readings, applications, discussions, case analysis and research.
  • Understand the key metrics for measuring online effectiveness
  • Marketing Executives
  • Business Development Managers
  • Product/ Brand Managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Account managers
  • Marketing Coordinators

Program Duration: 68 hours
Program Language: English / Arabic
Location: hpa | Head Office 

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