Affiliate Marketing is a kind of performance based marketing platform. It is a cost-effective medium which allows an influencer to partner with an online company and promote their products. An influencer could be anyone – a blogger, a forum owner or a social media enthusiast. Through affiliate marketing, companies make profit and affiliates earn commission based on the traffic or leads they generate.
Though it takes very little investment to set up your affiliate business, you need the right set of skills and knowledge to make your business profitable. Enrolling in an affiliate marketing training program can offer you great learning resources. Such trainings could make you understand the entire process step-by-step from start to finish, thereby teaching you the right way.
Introduction  – 2 hours 
1- What is an affiliate marketing?
2- What do you can make with affiliate marketing?
3- Success stories.
Level 1: Basics   4 hours 
1- Affiliate marketing terms.
2- The types of affiliate marketing (CPA – CPC – CPS –CPL).
3- The different Networks you can begin with.
Level 2: Build your real business. 8 hours 
1- Blackhat V.S Whitehat.
2- How to build your brand?
3- Build your own website.
4- How to customize and prepare your website?
Level 3: The beginning.  4 hours 
1- How to join with a good network?
2- How to success in interview?
3- How to choose a good offer to begin promoting?
4- How to request a permission to promote?
Level 4: landing page.  4 hours 
1- How to spy on your competitors?
2- How to build a landing page and squeeze page?
3- How to write a content?
Level 5: affiliate link.  8 hours 
1- What is the affiliate link?
2- How to make sure that your link is working?
3- What is the benefits of link cloaking?
4- The different methods of link cloaking.
5- How to track your link? (Post back system).
Level 6: The campaign.  4 hours 
1- Search engine marketing. (SEM)
2- Social media marketing. (SMM)
3- Video Ads.
4- Solo Ads.
5- Banner Ads.
6- Popup and pop under Ads.
7- Email marketing.
Level 7: Email marketing.  8 hours 
1- Why do you have to build your own email list?
2- How to build your email list?
3- The auto responder vendors.
4- Make a business account with auto responder vendors.
5- What is the spam list? And, how to avoid it?
6- What do you should send to your subscribers?
7- The site notifications method.
Level 8: The strategies and tips.  4 hours 
Level 9: the team work training (case study training).   Digital Marketing Course

After the completion of Affiliate Marketing Course, Participants will be able to:

  • Choose the right products to promote—the ones your audience will want and use.
  • Pick the best platform for sharing your affiliate messages with your audience.
  • “Stay legal” when you’re promoting affiliate products.
  • Promote your affiliate products in any situation, at your own comfort level.
  • Get an affiliate link, and what to do with it.
  • Build “product trust” with an audience, even when it’s not your own product.
  • Use the power of proof to accelerate your success.
  • Turn your affiliate relationships into true business relationships.
    And many more rules, tools, and strategies that make the difference between affiliate marketing the right way and affiliate marketing the wrong way.

This Affiliate Marketing Course for people who already have an digital marketing activities ” BLOGGERS, DIGITAL MARKETEERS, EMAIL MARKETERS, SOCIAL INFLUENCERS., It’s not for people who are just thinking of starting a business and starting from scratch.

  • Program Language: English/ Arabic
  • Program Duration: 46 hours
  • Number of Sessions: 12  
  • Program Fees: 5000 EGP 

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