Managing Performance and Delegation skills

Leaders and managers in today’s business have the overall responsibility for delivering Managing Performance against the business goals, objectives and Key Performance Indicators.
It is hoped that the team members will just perform; however, there may be occasions where performance drops below the required standard and the leader or manager has to step in to get the level of performance back to the required standard.
As delegation is a critical skill to assist time-starved supervisors and managers in becoming more effective for themselves, their teams and their organizations.
Thus, of all the key competencies for supervisors and managers, two of the most important are learning to manage individual performance on a daily basis and learning to delegate.
This program focus on the leaders responsibility for managing performance, what the leader should do to set performance standards and manage against them and what do to if performance drops below standard, and offers a mix of self-awareness, guidance, skills, ideas, tools and methods to master the competence of delegation.

  • Why employees would not perform adequately
  • How to define the purpose, duties and responsibilities of the employee
  • How to define performance goals and measurable outcomes
  • How to run a performance development meeting
  • How to deal with attitude problems
  • What to do if performance doesn’t improve
  • The benefits of performance management
  • The benefits of tapping into people’s potential
  • A clear definition of delegation’s purposes and benefits
  • Why some managers fail to delegate effectively
  • What skills the person needs in order to be delegated to
  • A series of ideas on how to delegate effectively
  • Why some people are unwilling to accepted delegated responsibility and what to do about it
  • What to do after you’ve delegated tasks

Upon completion Managing Performance and Delegation Program, you will be able to: Managing Performance

  • Plan for responding to potential problems.
  • Use summary reports to evaluate results and plan improvement efforts.
  • Use visual strategies to help guide, correct and motivate error-free performance.
  • Identify and evaluate the conditions that are necessary to ensure the success of workers.
  • Understand and use standards as a tool for managing performance.
  • Apply the components of the managing performance cycle to improve workforce performance.
  • Understand the principles, processes and methods of delegation
  • Identify appropriate delegation opportunities
  • Positively engage with and delegate to others
  • Maintain control while delegating
This program is ideal for managers and team leaders involved in managing performance and wanting to enhance their own productivity and focus on their crucial goals by delegating tasks to their team members.
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Language: English/ Arabic
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