Certified Manager (Middle Management)
Accredited by CMI, Chartered Management Institute

The success of any business depends heavily on the effectiveness of its management’s leadership, behavior, business processes, market focus, tools and the team alignment. Managers should be able to be a role model for their employees, work in teams, formulate and implement strategies, take the right decisions at the right time and ensure the business is able to exploit any opportunities in the market. At the same time, good management skills and knowledge protect the business against any threats in the market.

This program is designed to focus on the management model which includes; Organization Leadership, Human Resources Management, Business Processes Management, Customer Focus and Business Quality Tools to achieve the company’s business results. The knowledge and skills for the management during this critical time is the key to survive in the market and improve your market share and the wealth of shareholders.

How to plan and implement this management model? The knowhow will be provided in this program.

1-The Business Objective

1-The relationship between the Revenue and the profit?

2-The Total Cost?

3-What is the owners’ Focus?

4-How do we manage Financial Results? Via the Basic Financial Statements

5-Income (Profit & Loss) Statement

6-Balance Sheet Statement

7-Cash Flow Statement

8-Cash Flow Follow up and Forecasting

9-Liquidity and Cash Flow Cycle


1-Parts of a budget

2-Information required to prepare budget

3-How to prepare your budget?

4-Common pitfalls in the budgeting process and how to avoid them

3-The Business Environment

1-Types of Business Organization

2-How to achieve the Financial Results?

3-How to achieve the business Objective using Business Excellence Management Model

4-From BEMM to implementation

5-Company Business Plan

6-The Business Cycle

7-Manufacturing Value and Shareholder Profit

8-Business Flow

9-The Manufacturing Planning and Control (MPC)

4-Management Levels and Functions

1-The levels of management

2-Management Levels and Functional Areas

3-Differences Among Managers

4-Types of Managers

5-The Four Management Functions? Planning, leading, controlling, directing

6-The three Managerial Skills Needed

5-Transition from Individual Contributor to a Manager

1-The Value Transition

2-New Skills Required

6-Manager’s Roles and Challenges

1-The main role of the top managers

2-Managers’ Challenges

3-The responsibilities of the Employees

4-Biggest Challenges for the first step of management


1-Definition of Leadership

2-Interpersonal Communications

3-(Awareness, Ability, Commitment)

4-Conflict Management / Problem Solving

5-Quality Improvement Process

6-Leadership Traits and Styles

7-Transformational Leadership Model

8-Attributes of a Leaders

9-Leader vs Manager

10-Leadership Strategies

8-Manager Skills

1-Personality Assessment



1-Create a shared vision and engage the team for business improvement

2-Set objectives and measures of success.

3-Enhance human abilities by implementing human development programs

4-Recognize the vital role processes play in a business

5-Know how business process is created to satisfy internal and external customers.

6-The strategy and company goals are better communicated, understood, and accepted Efforts are aligned in the direction of          the achievement of the strategic goals.

7-Manpower planning helps to ascertain and identify critical shortages of skilled staff and take corrective action by timely                recruitment, so as to prevent production break-down or under-utilization of plant capacity

8-Prevention of larger issues through an on-going discussion around performance (on-going feedback)

9-Allow the board and staff participation in the strategic discussion enables them to better understand the direction, why that        direction was chosen, and the associated benefits.

10-Maintain and improve the business results

  • Middle Management
  • Program Language: English / Arabic
  • Program Duration: 42 hours
  • Accredited by CMI, Chartered Management Institute
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