Information Technology Professional Diploma

This diploma is carefully designed to provide you the knowledge and

the professional experience and all what you need to learn about hardware and software troubleshooting, network administration, system administration, backup and recovery technologies, techniques and cyber security to start your career as a professional IT specialist.

Learning Methodology:

Through a mix of practical activities using real hardware components, devices, real cases and scenarios from the business direct to you in the lab, with a very experienced trainer in the field.

Advanced IT support Essentials

  • Introduction to IT world
  • Explore IT support career
  • Computer hardware (advanced)
  • Operating system (advanced)
  • software and systems
  • troubleshooting and maintaining
  • Practical assessment

Networks Administration

  • Computer Network Fundamentals
  • The OSI Reference Model
  • Network Components and tools
  • Ethernet Technology
  • TCP/IP Addressing and routing
  • Wide-Area Networks
  • Network Management
  • Network Optimization
  • Network Security Basics
  • Troubleshooting Network Issues
  • Practical assessment

System Administration

  • Introduction
  • Installing and Configuring Windows Server
  • Administering Windows Server
  • Policies Administration
  • Data Administration
  • Users and Machines Administration

Information Technology Security

  • It Threats
  • CIA Triad
  • Data Security
  • Network Security
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Backup and Recovery Techniques

At the end of ITPD; you will be able to:

– Assemble, install, upgrade and troubleshooting computer hardware.

– Install, configure and troubleshoot operating systems.

– explore a variety of business systems and how it works.

– Install, modify, repair software and systems and provide support to the end users

– understand the best practices to provide 1st level support to the end users

– Identify major network communications methods

– Identify bounded and unbounded network media

– Identify TCP/IP addressing and data delivery methods

– understand and practice network design and implementation techniques

– Install and configure wired and wireless network infrastructure

– Identify techniques used in managing a network and optimizing it’s performance

– secure and protect your network against threats

– Troubleshoot network issues and fix it

  • Computer Science Students or those who need to enter the IT support field.
  • Certificate Duration: 90 hours
  • Language: English / Arabic
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