The demand for qualified trainers covering various areas of Training is widespread in today’s market, Being an effective trainer is an acquired skill that the marketplace demands.
The TOT Course will help you expose your natural potential as a Trainer while giving you the basic, yet essential, skills needed to effectively train and develop others. In this program you will learn how to become a Professional Trainer, identify training needs, build effective training materials and how to understand and assess your audience.
TOT Course will get you on your way to working as a professionally trained freelance or corporate trainer.

TOT Course | Training Of Trainers Content: 

Fundamentals of Training Of Trainers
What makes training effective

Types of training Of Trainers
Skills and attributes of an effective trainer
How to provide an inclusive learning environment

 Adult Learning
The principles of adult learning

VAK learning styles
Presentation mechanics

 Communication Skills
Communication mode
lNo No Words
Barriers to learning

 Prepare Training Session
Determine objective
Mind map the content
Build presentation mechanics
Close out

 Session Planning
Why have session plans? TOT Courses Training Of Trainers
Create a session plan

 Assess the Learning Training Of Trainers
Designing effective assessments
Delivering and administering assessment
Assessment tools TOT Courses

Feedback Sandwich TOT Courses Training Of Trainers

Design and develop training materials
Games & exercises
Interactive sessions (brainstorming – focus groups- … etc.)

Deliver Presentation
Deliver your presentation
Visual Aides
Receive Group Feedback

 Feedback Forms
Peer feedback

Wrapping Up Training Of Trainers
Program review
Wrap up

At the tot Courses completion, the participants will be able to:

  • Design a training program targeted for adult learners
  • Plan the delivery of a course by ensuring that all the key elements of effective training are present
  • Learn how to communicate one’s message effectively
  • Develop techniques to overcome barriers to learning
  • Prepare and deliver a training session
  • Learn to construct assessments to validate the learning
  • Gain techniques for providing encouragement and coaching during the training process
  • Create post-training evaluation forms
  • Evaluate their peers and also receive feedback from them during class

TOT Program is designed for:
Managers and team leaders who conduct training as a part of their job duties.
Those who want to enter the field of training.

HRCI – Human Resource Certification Institute
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The HR Certification Institute™ (HRCI™), headquartered in the U.S., is the premier credentialing organization for the human resources profession. For 40 years, HRCI has set the standard for HR mastery and excellence around the globe. An independent nonprofit organization, HRCI is dedicated to advancing the HR profession by developing and administering best-in-class accredited certifications.
Human Resources professionals in more than 100 countries are HRCI certified. Their HRCI certification demonstrates relevance, competence, experience, credibility and dedication to human resources.

Language: English / Arabic
Program Duration: 48 Hours

After the completion of TOT program you will receive
(TOT Certificate – Performance Analysis Report – Certificate Transcript)


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