The Art of Money 

Learn about the financial aspects of the managerial decision.
This course adopts an interesting approach to transfer the financial knowledge. Through interesting board game Strategizer® participants will be divided into a group of competing companies that is adopting different financial decisions and see the results immediately over the profits and company’s value. The course will help trainee to understand and apply the fundamentals financial management in interactive and fun environment.
Learning about how the financial decisions interact with different managerial decisions to form the value of the company.

Financial For Non-Financers Finance For Non Financers
Strategizer ® Business Simulation Finance For Non Financers

Basic Accounting Concepts
– The accounting equations
– The importance of accounting standards
– Accrual basis concept

The accounting process, starting with recording of business transactions ending with the preparation of financial statements

Understanding financial statements
– Balance Sheet
– Income Statement

The difference between accounting process and cash flow Importance of liquidity, profitability VS. liquidity  

Financial analysis (meaning , equation and impact )
– ROI    Financial For Non-Financers
– ROE     Financial For Non-Financers
– Current Ratio  Financial For Non-Financers
– Acid Ratio  Financial For Non-Financers
– Turnover Ratio  Financial For Non-Financers
– The power of Earning

Financial Forecasting and Planning Requirements

Budgeting Techniques

What is budget?

Budgeting process
o Top to bottom
o Bottom to Top

Forecasting Methods
o Simple Average
o Moving average
o Weighted moving average
o Seasonality Index

Steps toward building a budget
o Revenues Budgets

o Direct costs budgeting
o Overheads budgeting
o Income Statement Budgeting

Starting simulation….

– Duration: 2 full day
– Language: English / Arabic

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