In a changing economic environment, your ability to analyze economic expectations is a vital tool. Economic expectations are loaded with challenges and loads of opportunities to seize. Through the course we will help to obtain the tools to understand and capitalize over economic expectations.

The course will support you to:

  • Read the macroeconomic numbers and policies and analyze the effects behind it.
  • Read between the line of economic news
  • Analyze the interaction between political environment and economic environment
  • Optimize your operational and strategic business decisions using economic analysis

Day I

How to integrate economic Indicators into your business decision?

  • Economic growth and Inflation rate and its effect on your Sales Strategy
  • How to price your products in high inflationary environment
  • Integrating inflation rate in your investment decision
  • The tango dace between politics and economics.
  • Get into the head of the politician.

Day II

How does Macroeconomic Policies effect your business?

Government policies and predicting the economic picture:

Fiscal policy

  • Taxation policy
  • Public Budget structure
  • Public debt and loan market for the business sector

Monetary Policy

  • International monetary systems
  • Interest rate
  • Role of the Central bank
  • Banking sector and its role in the economy

International Trade Policies

  • Between the line of Int. eco-news
  • Trade agreements and exports
  • Predicting exchange rate

Duration: Two Days

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