CMA Part 2
Financial Decision Making

hpa discovered throughout its 13 years of experience in conducting CMA training program for more than 8,000 clients that 70% of the attendees after passing CMA P1 exam, they decide to self-study CMA P2 without taking any training program and that is because lots of them are convinced that CMA P2 is easier than CMA P1.

Accordingly, hpa decided to contribute in helping people with CMA P2 by offering an exam preparation training program that will last for 52 hours in which exam questions will be solved along with lots of other practices with more than 500 ideas for the questions.

The CMA course accredit by ima in Egypt and globally is deemed the most advanced professional certification specifically designed to measure the accounting and financial management skills that drive business performance. Study CMA Course Now.

The CMA Course In Egypt is unique among professional and academic credentials, designed specifically for accounting and financial management professionals in business.

Achieving the CMA Course demonstrates your professional expertise in financial planning, analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics – essential skills sought after by successful organizations and their financial team leaders.

Whether you want to enhance your value within your current organization—or expand your career potential—the CMA Course is the key to maximizing your professional potential.

  • CMA Course P2 completion, participants will be able to: 
    • Demonstrate ability to work across the breadth and depth of the entire accounting process within organizations
    • Prove proficiency in decision-making, planning, and control functions
    • Distinguish from peers and increase credibility and productivity
    • Expand career options and get greater earning potential

Financial Statement Analysis : (25%)

  • Basic financial statement analysis, financial performance metrics – financial ratios, profitability analysis, analytical issues in financial accounting

Corporate Finance : (20%)

  • Risk and return, managing financial risk, financial instruments, cost of capital, managing current assets, raising capital, corporate restructuring, international finance

Decision Analysis : ( 20%)

  • Cost/volume/profit analysis, marginal analysis, pricing.

Risk Management: (10%)

Types of risk including business, hazard, financial, operational, strategic, legal compliance and political risk; risk mitigation; risk management; risk analysis; and ERM.

Investment Decisions : (15%)

  • Capital budgeting process, discounted cash flow analysis, payback and discounted payback, ranking investment projects, risk analysis in capital investment, valuation

Professional Ethics : (10%)

  • Ethical considerations for management accounting professionals and for the organization.

hpa will deliver CMA p2 in 52 hours by solving 500 different questions with different Ideas

Chief Executive Officers (CEO)

Chief Financial Officers (CFO)

Financial Analysts and Finance Managers

Finance Controllers and Treasurers

Senior Accountants and Budget Analysts

Staff Accountants and Cost Accountants

Vice Presidents (VP)  CMA Course

Duration : 80 Hours

Language: English/ Arabic

4 hours – 100 multiple choice questions and two 30-minute essay questions

The exam parts can be taken in any order. Only one exam can be taken at a time. Candidates must register to take one exam part within the first 12 months of entering the program and must complete both exam parts within three years.  CMA Course

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