The Qualified Accounting Certificate is an excellent platform which new accountants can start their career from. The practical applications of the financial accounting, treasury management, banking transactions, purchase & sales and inventory cycles in this certificate ensure that at the completion of this certificate you will be a work-ready accountant with a great employment opportunity in different industries.

At program completion; participants will be able to:

Present his/ her skills and knowledge of accounting during the interview in a professional sound through his awareness of executive accounting duties such as:

  • Managing and holding the treasury documents.
  • Writing and receiving checks for his company in a professional way
  • Reviewing the bank statements
  • Full understanding of the purchase, inventory, and sales documents cycles.
  • Preparing the Form “41” of the Withholding Tax”
  • Preparing the monthly Value Added Tax ( VAT )
  • Identifying the types of financial documents and the importance of each type
  • Recognizing the Accounting Entries
  • Recording in various types of accounting books
  • Preparing the trial balances and financial statements

Financial Accounting Certificate 

  • Basic principles and accounting concepts
  • Accounting Cycle
  • Stages of the accounting cycle and analysis of financial operations
  • Chart of accounts
  • Legal and non-legal Books
  • Document Entries and Adjustments
  • Types of documents “internal & external” – the legal Requirements for external documents.
  • Expenses Types and Analyses
  • Fixed Assets and its Transactions (Addition, Disposal, Replace, and Fixed Assets Register)
  • Registering the financial transactions in journal
  • Posting the financial transactions to ledgers
  • Preparing Trial Balance
  • Financial Statements
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet

Banks & Treasury:

  • Treasury Management:
  • Cash In
  • Cash out
  • Salaries, Custody
  • Banking Transactions:
  • Checks (Types of Checks, How to write Checks, Most important provisions of the Checks law).
  • Bank Statements and Reconciliation.
  • Banking instruments “Letter of guarantee , Letter of credit , Facilities and loans” overview

Purchase & Inventory Cycle:

  • Purchase document cycle
  • Inventory document cycle
  • Accounts payable
  • Inventory systems according to accounting standards
  • Inventory evaluation
  • Withholding tax

Sales Cycle:

  • Sales document cycle
  • Accounts receivables
  • Value Added Tax
  • Fresh graduates who seek to work in accounting field in all sectors
  • Business pioneers with no finance background.
  • Final years’ students at Commerce Faculties

Qualified Accounting Certificate 
Duration: 30 hours
Language: English
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