Salary surveys Services:
Salary Surveys are tools used to determine the average compensation paid to employees. Compensation data, is analyzed to develop an understanding of the amount of compensation paid. Surveys may focus on job titles, geographic regions, employer size, and or industries.
At hpa ,  our salary surveys are not the same each survey is unique based on the nature of the industry , market conditions , nature of  job…etc.

Salary surveys are important for employers as it enable them to :
-remain ahead of the competition to be  competitive in your industry.
-secure top talent and as well consider raises and starting salaries and make sure your business is on the high side of average.
-establish salary ranges for employees that are designed so as to  make them satisfied  and keep them loyal to your business.
-The consistent  use of salary surveys help formulate  a company’s overall compensation strategy  and forms a foundation for plans that are internally equitable and externally competitive


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