Many companies have problems in complying with the laws and regulations governing social insurance and the Labor Bureau that are:

Lack of sufficient experience with the actual requirements to comply with the Insurance and Labor Laws.

Increase the cost of adapting the existing conditions of employment according to the legal requirements.

In addition, most of the employees in human resources department in companies specialized in other functions of human resources management away from the real experience in legal function, which requires actual experience, special skills and knowledge not only of the provisions of laws but also how to apply these laws as well as all rights and benefits guaranteed by law to organizations, which contributes to reduce the costs of compliance with legal requirements to the lowest degree possible and protects the company from any fines or irregularities that put the company under the penalty of law which cost the company more money to correct the situation.

hpa offers you expert consultants and support teams to help you:

1- Settle and legalize your companies situation before the Social Insurance Authority and the Ministry of Manpower “Labor Bureau “ Audit.
2 – Take all preventive measures in advance to prevent any violation of law.
3- Negotiate and manage crisis in case of having actual legal problem and help the company to reach the best possible result.
4- We will deal directly with the government agencies as well as dealing with the inspectors of the Ministry of Labor and Labor Bureau on behalf of you.


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