Professional Business Writing Program

When running a Business Writing, it is important to be aware of how you communicate with your customers, your staff, your investors, and your. Your written materials are often the first encounter a person.  It is therefore important to make sure that your writing is clear
Most business professionals and manager, such as marketing, sales and finance… etc. need excellent writing skills to properly convey ideas and concepts.
his program is designed to provide business professionals and manager to individuals with effective writing skills including email, reports, letters and minutes.

Business Writing Overview:

  • Pinpoint the basics of business writing
  • Understand today’s reader
  • Clarify ideas
  • Eliminate unnecessary language
  • Edit and proofread effectively

Business Writing Techniques:

  • The 5 Cs
  • Vary your sentence length and structure
  • Subordinate secondary ideas
  • Highlight key ideas
  • Brush-up on their grammar and punctuation

Principles of business writing “The 5 Cs”

Email etiquette:

  • Forward-To-CC-BCC
  • Subject
  • Salutation
  • Introduction – Body – Conclusion
  • Signature
  • Use attachments effectively
  • Steps followed in case a wrong email was sent

Writing Reports:

  • Report’s objective
  • Make your language flow
  • Use an appropriate level of language
  • Sentence construction
  • Internal and external reports
  • Common mistakes

Writing Letters:

  • Layouts for letters – address, contact details, salutation
  • Main part of letter – structure, tone, style
  • Closures and enclosures – standard forms

Meeting Minutes:

  • Layout and style of minutes
  • Preparation to take the stress out
  • Knowing what to include
  • Benefits of good minute taking

At program completion, participants will be able to:

Introduce to the principles of effective writing

  • Structure your business documents effectively
  • Avoid common mistakes for a better understanding
  • Write in a clear, concise style
  • Apply the effective writing in letters, minutes, reports, and emails
  • Identify and avoid common errors in writing for a better understanding
  • Give your business documents that final polish before you send them
  • Decide when email is the appropriate communication tool
  • Apply a process to planning, writing and reviewing your business emails
  • Write with care so that your message is clear, effective and has maximum impact
  • Give your business documents that final polish before you send them

Fresh graduates and anyone whose work requires dealing with business Correspondences

  • Program Language: English
  • Program Duration: 12 hours
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