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How to Make a professional Facebook ad in one hour

Do you want to hit the market with your new product on Facebook? Do you want to have a deep-rooted existence on your first shot? Are you lost with all specific and mysterious details about Facebook Ad Manager Platform? So all that you have to do is to read this summarized article about the most important points you need to cover while starting your first ad on FB.

First let us think about your new product, which is, for example, a new, practical, and feminine dress. You know off course the very details about this dress: the texture, the color, the sizes, and the price. Then you need to know what your objective is, FB offers you 11kinds of objectives to select the best for you. The first two objectives are: Brand awareness, and Reach, which are frequently used when you want to make everyone know about your brand and that you EXIST! What you offer, why, where, and when.

The second 5 objectives are:

  • Traffic: when you need more people to visit your Website
  • Engagement: when you need people to like, comment, or share
  • App Installs: if you have a user- friendly app to view your products or video game
  • Video views: if you use a video in your campaign
  • Lead generation: if you want people to fill in the form and be contacted soon
  • Messages: if you want people to send a message to your page to see if they are interested in your product.

The last 3 objectives are:

  • Conversion: when you want people to take actions to your website, app, or messenger
  • Catalog Sales:
  • Store visit: when you want nearby people to visit your store.

So after covering up the 11 types their purposes, we move to the next step which is choosing the best channel to promote your product. Let’s get back to our dress. If its your first product and your first ad, then your best channel will be either brand awareness or reach for two reasons: the first reason because you will reach to biggest number of people with least cost, without allowing people to take any actions on your ad. And if it’s not your first ad, and you want people to know about the new dress, you will choose either post engagement or conversion if you have website to view your products. The cost of these two objectives is a little bit higher because people will take effective actions on your ad whether by liking, commenting or sharing in post engagement, Or by being converted to the website to purchase online.

Then after choosing your objective, you need to specify two things: your budget, and the persona of your audience. So if you are selling a purple, cotton, and practical dress for ladies, you will choose women whose age ranges from 18 to 30 who have either FB account in Arabic and English Language. Then move to the location section which you will choose according to the price and the style of the dress. Then you will move to the detailed targeting which includes (behavior, demographic, and interest) you will choose according to the persona you have created before. Then move to the budget section and the period of running your ad, the more you pay, the more your ad will reach to more people, and Facebook will give you estimated reach according to your budget and target audience.

At the end, you will need to select the best post you need to engage with people. Your ad must have a catchy content (text and photo), that will create the ” NEED” in customers to make them buy your dress. You must clarify why its better than any other dress and if it deserves its price. And most importantly you have to mention CTC “Call To Action” which can be a message, phone number, or comment to sell your dress. Now Publish your ad and wait until its being reviewed by FB and being activated.

Last but not least, you have to study well you product and create your buyer persona to get the best results. Follow the steps, know your objective and adapt it with your budget to get the best results with least cost.

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