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Human Nature Varies a lot according to their age, but one of the constant things in the Human Behavior regardless age, is the love of having fun. Work Environment means a boring routine for most of the employees that’s why it is hard to find a  Smiling Employee during the working hours; It is even why you never get the job done on time, as there is too many factors affecting the Human Productivity and being bored is one of the worst factors.

“As an employer you must be thinking how to increase the productivity of your employees, and boost their performance. The answer is to make work fun!”

One of the most famous companies who adopted the concept of making work fun is Google Inc. including all its branches around the world. Google believes in mixing business with pleasure so that the stuff can enjoy and refuel during their breaks. There’s a rule at Google that nobody is allowed to be more than 100 meters away from food so you will always find a kitchen near you wherever you are, Google offers its employees three meals a day for free along with free drinks, snacks and chocolates. It even provides them various kinds of entertainment from yoga classes to massages. For sure Google offices are very big that’s why they made a slide and fireman’s pole to move around the building, but for those who need to relax, They can use the library or the aquarium.

Many other companies are working with the same system as Facebook, Lego, KBP West Offices, Yelp, Electronic Arts, Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple and P i x a r

The Idea is great but it is going to take time to change your office decoration and maybe financially your company is not ready. So, if you are Searching For Tools to get rid of the high rate of absenteeism, demotivated employees and boring work routine, you can start by very simple ways such as: Taking your team out for coffee. If you have a meeting room equipped with a screen and sound system you can use it once for a movie. Start rewarding your employees whenever they do something good for the company This Works Best With Sales Teams ” Use any empty room as a crafts room, sometimes coloring and making hand crafts changes the mood of stressed people. Or in the same room after the working hours apply a PlayStation or any other games. Finally, offering free food from time to time will get a little sense of fun between the employees.

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